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Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone; most of the island enjoys hot and rainy climate throughout summer and autumn but becomes rather arid and dry from winter to spring. The total agriculture and food production are about 6.9 million tons per year on roughly 799,000 hectares of arable land; the actual size of cultivation is estimated to be around 834,000 hectares. The average yearly production of each agricultural category and the respective size of cultivation are: Rice: 1,732,000 tons, 271,000 hectares; Coarse Grain: 492,000 tons, 70,000 hectares; Special Crops: 601,000 tons, 32,000 hectares; Fruits: 2.7 million tons, 185,000 hectares; Vegetables: 2,823,000 tons, 146,000 hectares; Floriculture: 2,923,000 tons, 146,000 hectares; and Pasture Grass: 944,000 tons, 15,000 hectares.

In 2017, a total USD 11.31 billion worth of agricultural goods went through Taiwan’s border, a 384 million increase from the previous year’s 10.92 billion. Regarding the agricultural import, primary export items mainly consist of cereals & their preparations, oil seeds, fruits, nuts & their preparations, and vegetables & their preparations.  In the export end, primary export items such as cereals & their preparations, fruits, nuts, flowers, flower seeds, vegetables, nuts & their preparations, valued USD 2.23 billion were sold overseas, showing a 5.2 percent annual gain.

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