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As the most important food crop in Taiwan, rice is harvested twice a year with the growing areas averaging 275,015 hectares from 2013 to 2017. Among three major varieties of rice, japonica, indica, and glutinous rice, japonica rice is the most popular, accounting for 92 percent of the plantation. Rice cultivated areas scatter throughout Taiwan but especially concentrate in Zhuoshui River Basin within Changhua and Yunlin Counties, Chianan Plain, and East Rift Valley. Near 30 percent of nation’s farm households, 240,000 are growing rice, and the average cultivated area of each household is only 0.6 hectares. An estimated 1,348,000 tons of brown rice equivalent crops is harvested each year, valuing TWD 37.9 billion, which contributes to roughly eight percent of the agricultural GDP and is well sufficient for domestic consumption. Since joining the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2002, the rice market has been opened to foreign rice, and we’ve been importing about 140,000 tons of rice each year, mostly from the United States, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia. On the contrary, only a small amount of rice, approximately 3,000 tons, is exported to our target markets, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and Singapore each year.

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