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Among 14,409 hectares of flower plantation areas, nursery crops cover the most ground with 64%, followed by cut flowers, 24%, and potted plants, 7%. Taiwan floriculture industry generates nearly TWD 17.8 billion per year, two-third of which is attributed to domestic market through various channels from auction markets, retailers, to landscaping industries. The other one-third, averaging 25,443 tons (TWD 5.9 billion) per year, consisting of orchids, Eustoma, Pachira, and Anthurium, is exported to our primary markets like the United States, Japan, Netherlands. The subtropical climate of Taiwan that is considered ideal for flower growth along with advanced breeding, cultivation, post-harvest treatment techniques, plus the adjacent to the world third-largest flower consumption market, Japan collectively strengthen Taiwan’s position to expand its floriculture export industry. In recent years, high-value emerging species such as orchids, Malabar chestnut, Lisianthus, Anthurium, and lily are gradually replacing previously low-value flowers such as chrysanthemum, gladiolus, tuberose, and Dahlia as the export items. At the same time, assisting measures such as organizing production clusters, promoting protective cultures and harvest season controls, and creating mass-production demonstration zones for new varieties are implemented to stabilize the supply chain.

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