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Grain and Special Crops

Currently, there are roughly 108,925 hectares of farmland dedicated to grain and special crops, on which average 1.1 million tons of crops, valuing TWD 25.7 billion, are harvested each year. The important items of this segment include peanuts, adzuki beans, sweet potatoes, field corn, food corn, soybeans, wheat, sesame, grass jelly, tea, and coffee; and due to their diversification nature and limited scale of cultivation, the production costs of Taiwanese producers are much higher than their foreign counterparts. Thus most processing and production involving grain and special crops must rely on imported materials to remain viable and competitive, and as the result, 8 million tons of crops are imported each year, signifying the insufficiency of domestic production. In order to elevate self-sufficiency rate and revitalize fallow lands, the government has encouraged farmers to plant import substitution crops like soybeans, wheat, and field corn and assisted them in expanding the production scale as well as implementing automated and mechanized cultivation management & processing methods. On the other hand, market differentiation measures like the product traceability system, geography indications, and non-GMO are taken to magnify the healthful and fresh characteristics of locally grown. In the future, the goal of grain and special crops industry is to adopt a neat and sophisticated model focusing on domestic and the specific consumer groups.

  • Origin:Crop Production Division
  • Refresh Date:2018-02-05