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Seeds and Seedlings

Plant seeds and seedlings production is a capital, technology, and labor-intensive industry with annual production value beyond TWD 8.7 billion; among them, agronomic and special crops account for 31%; horticulture 58% (including flower 31%, vegetable 19%, and fruit 11%);the exporting of seeds and seedlings for 10%.The annual seed export in 2017 reached 585 tons, most of which are vegetable seeds. During the same period, about 1,275 tons of bulbs and seedlings were exported and most of them are passion fruit seedlings and so on. To ensure the quality of seeds and seedlings in circulation, the government has been actively inspecting seeds and papaya seedlings on the market and conducted field inspection of soybean seedlings and corn seedlings, making sure their fine characteristics are well preserved and the quality remains consistent. By putting various technical advancements of this area into practice, the potential of competitive vegetable F1 hybrid and grafting seedlings were greatly explored to expand the market share both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, to encourage development of new varieties and inducing of quality varieties from abroad, the overall variety protection system was strengthened through protecting breeders’ right and amending the laws in accordance with the essence of UPOV (International Union for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants), which helped create a robust foundation for future growth.


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  • Refresh Date:2018-02-05