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Fruit Handmade Drink Competition kicks off alongside the summer fruit season

Nice and suitable weather on top of hard-working and competent farmers have enabled Taiwan to produce a diverse line of tropical and sub-tropical fruits, earning the country the name “Fruit Kingdom”. Those harvested in summer are especially juicy and flavorful; strong aroma is also among the features that stand out. Due to last year’s (2018) mild winter, many summer fruits like pineapples and mangos ripened a lot sooner, giving consumers an early to access to those wonderful, tasty fruits. To expand the consumption of fresh fruits, the Agriculture and Food Agency will hold “Domestic Fruit Handmade Drink Competition” to encourage drink brands to combine domestic ingredients like fruits, tea, and soybean into cooling summer drinks. The enrollment starts today and lasts until April 30th. All drink brands are welcome to participate and help grow the recent trend of “Eat Local, Taste In-Season” that emphasizes the qualities of locally grown, naturally nutritious, and healthful by providing yet another set of great products and create values for domestically grown crops. 

Take advantage of summer fruits’ early entrance

The AFA indicated that on 186,000 hectares of fruit tree plantation, 2.71 million MTs of fruit crops are harvested each year. The crops include tropical varieties like banana, pineapple, mango, and guava but also cover subtropical ones like citruses and litchis. In some instances, with the application of horticultural techniques like pruning and grafting and Taiwan’s sharp geological elevation, the widened temperature range can enable the production of temperate fruits like peaches, persimmons, and grapes. It is the fortune of Taiwanese consumers to have such an abundant selection of fruits available within the country. With the previous winter being uneventful and warm, summer fruits have hit the market early, meaning now is the time to enjoy sweet and tasty pineapples, juicy and refreshing watermelons, mangos strong in aroma, and other enticing fruits. Consumers should take advantage by stacking up on fresh fruits, fruit juice, and fruit beverages while they are in-season. 

Handmade Drink Competition expanded to include more product categories

The AFA explains that the reason agency held “Taiwan Banana and Dragon Fruit Handmade Drink Competition” last year was to promote the consumption of domestic agri-products and increase their added-values. Drink brands were encouraged to adopt fresh, local, and natural Taiwanese fruits in their drink menus to enlarge the uses of fruit products and help the fruits break into commercial supply chains. The event allowed participants to increase sales and ended up becoming a massive hit among enterprises.

Aside from the original fruit-based category, “Mid-summer Pineapple” section, this year’s “Handmade Drink Competition” adds “Rich Fine Tea” and “Soy Scents of Happiness” sections to gives drink brands with different specialties a chance to shine. They are encouraged to experiment with the characteristics of three target ingredients—pineapple, tea, and soybean, just as the “mixed-up” features handmade drinks are renowned for, to invent new beverages that are excellent in taste and healthfulness. The Agency further notes that the contest will consist of two rounds; in first round, field experts will select top three performers in originality and quality from each category, amounting to a total of nine winners, each awarded NTD 100,000; the second round will be sales competitions, where top three performers in each section will be awarded, with the top prize being NTD 200,000. The enrollment starts today and lasts until April 30th. For more information on the competition, please refer to the CAS organization’s website (Contact: Ms. Wu, +886-2-23567417 Ext: 20). All those in handmade drink business are welcome to take part.
Domestic fruits—the best companion for handmade drink
Kick off of Fruit Handmade Drink Competition

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Domestic fruits—the best companion for handmade drink Domestic fruits—the best companion for handmade drink(jpg)
Kick off of Fruit Handmade Drink Competition Kick off of Fruit Handmade Drink Competition(jpg)

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