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​Follow me and freshen up the summer heat with beverages freshly made with domestic agri-products

As handmade drinks’ popularity spread globally, brands rushed to roll out new drink assortments each year to stand out and win over consumers. In line with this trend, Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA) holds “2019 Domestic Agri-product Handmade Drink Competition” to promote the consumption of domestic agri-products by offering consumers healthful, trustworthy drink choices, and the final round of its “Soy Scents of Happiness” section concludes today (June 28) at Xiemen Red House Square in Taipei City. After tasting by professional judges and “AFA—Your Source of Agricultural Information” Facebook Fanpage members, three noteworthy contestants are selected to receive the Honor of Best Appearance (Drink: Organic Soymilk with Strawberry Foam, by Yanoon Soymilk), the Honor of Best Aroma (Drink: Golden Sweet Potato Soymilk, by Milk Shop), and the Honor of Best Taste (Comfort Latte, by Mango Cafe). Each winner receives NTD 100,000 in prize money and a medal. The AFA also takes today’s occasion to announce the 16 contestants advancing to the second round (as shown in Exhibit 1), who will compete in sales volume between July 1 and August 31. Take part by having a fresh taste of these handmade drinks made with unique domestic ingredients and experience the diverse flavors of genuine Taiwanese agri-products.

Trending—Drinks handmade with Taiwanese soybean

The AFA indicates that it has been undertaking “Big Granary Project”, which aims to revitalize Taiwan’s coarse grain industry by encouraging paddy farmers to transfer to coarse grain production and making use of fallow lands, and soybean is a key component of the targeted coarse grain crops. Having rich plant protein and functional contents like lecithin and isoflavones, soybean is great in nutritious value and can benefit our daily health. Flavorful soymilk made of domestic soybean is an excellent companion to your breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and can meet your energy and nutrition needs after a workout session. 
The AFA stresses that compared with imports, domestic soybean has edges in freshness, safety, traceability, and being Non-GMO—healthful properties generally expected for food products. From today’s “Soy Scents of Happiness” section, three exceptional products are awarded for Best Appearance, Best Aroma, and Best Taste, and we encourage all to visit the designated outlets to try out these healthful, freshening, and trendy handmade drink items.

Splash into this summer vacation with the most refreshing handmade drinks

The AFA states that thanks to the effort from brands and judges, the preliminary round of all three sections, namely “Midsummer Pineapple”, “Rich Fine Tea”, and “Soy Scents of Happiness”, conclude on a satisfactory note. 16 qualified products will compete in sales volumes at street outlets for two months between July 1 and August 31. Top three sellers of each section are going to be awarded. All who are fond of handmade drinks are welcome to visit designated outlets (see Exhibit 2 for the exact locations) to show your support for domestic agriculture and have a taste of the most genuine, refreshing, and enticing local handmade drinks.

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Winner of Best Taste (Comfort Latte) Winner of Best Taste (Comfort Latte)(jpg)
Winner of Best Aroma (Golden Sweet Potato Soymilk) Winner of Best Aroma (Golden Sweet Potato Soymilk)(jpg)
Winner of Best Appearance (Organic Soymilk with Strawberry Foam Winner of Best Appearance (Organic Soymilk with Strawberry Foam(jpg)
Award presentation for “Soy Scents of Happiness” section Award presentation for “Soy Scents of Happiness” section(jpg)

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