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UTEE, the unified brand by premium tea estates for Taiwan tea to shine across the globe

Enjoying worldwide fame for its rich and diverse aromas, quality, and safety attributes, Taiwan tea embodies an established and long-lasting tea culture infused with innovative ideas from new generations. 

To guide the tea industry on its path toward a six-grade operation that is capable of creating immense added values, Agriculture and Food Agency, the Council of Agriculture (AFA) commissioned The National Training Institute for Farmers’ Organizations to undertake “Program to Develop Spotlight Tea Estates” in 2014. For the past six years, nearly 100 tea estates have improved their management competency with counseling offered by this program. Among the participating estates, 28 select ones were formally entitled “Spotlight Tea Estate” for their distinctive specialties. 

Today (Dec. 14) at Tsai Jui-yueh Dance Research Institute, the “UTEE Brand Launch Event” is held to announce the unified brand name and identity UTEE to the public, and it’s hoped that UTEE becomes a bridge that connects the world to Taiwan and enhances Taiwan tea’s global popularity and market appeals.

The unveiling of UTEE brand, gift sets, and journeys full of excitements.

The AFA mentions that tea has long been an important agricultural sector for development. The export of tea not only has made the country considerable amount of foreign surplus; combined with supplies to domestic consumers, tea shop chains, equipment vendors, and tea tourism, the tea industry as a whole has an annual revenue of over a hundred billion. 

To make Taiwan tea more competitive at the global stage, in 2019, the counseling team formed by experts, scholars, and owners of former spotlight tea estates joined together and drew up the name UTEE (United Tea Estates Enterprise) as the collective brand for future spotlight tea estates. The brand’s offerings include recommended trip routes for travelers to have the most exquisite and fruitful travel experience; UTEE gift sets also allow you to taste a wide variety of fine Taiwan tea in one box. 

The AFA further elaborates that the launch event hosts the live performance of around-the-island songs by The Chime music band. Genuine local rhymes are played while the narrator goes through the specialties of each of the 28 spotlight tea estates. 

In addition, this year sees the first implementation of “Competition of Creative Journeys across Spotlight Tea Estates”, where previous spotlight estates combined elements of their growing region, like natural landscapes, culture, history, and humanity, with locally grown fine tea, unique experience, and hearty services, to create authentic journey routes full of local spirit. Three leading journey planners are awarded for their achievements, with the on-site presentations of the tea journeys they designed. Furthermore, 21 estates from seven major tea regions was invited to fix specialty tea feasts, freshly brewed tea, and tea desserts for all the attendees. It also provides everyone a sneak peek into the finest Taiwan tea industry can offer.

Visit the UTEE website to learn about every unique estate

The AFA indicates that to give global travelers an in-depth understanding of Taiwan tea and tea culture, the UTEE website has been established in both Chinese and English. For information about UTEE, spotlight tea estates, products, journey routes, and much more, please visit the UTEE website. Also please make time to take part in our event and learn more about UTEE along with its new offerings. The brand will make a spark for Taiwan tea by heightening the interest in the tea within the international community. 
AFA Director-General Hu and 1st place of Creative Journey Competition
Co-branded UTEE gift sets
Quality Taiwan tea

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AFA Director-General Hu and 1st place of Creative Journey Competition AFA Director-General Hu and 1st place of Creative Journey Competition(jpg)
Co-branded UTEE gift sets Co-branded UTEE gift sets(jpg)
Quality Taiwan tea Quality Taiwan tea(jpg)

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