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Taiwan-Japan Summer Fruit Festival to celebrate and strengthen the friendship between Taiwan and Japan

Release date:2022-08-15
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of Japan Taiwan Exchange Association and the continued friendship between Taiwan and Japan, on August 20, the Association works with the Council of Agriculture, the Executive Yuan (COA) to hold a Summer Festival in front of the Presidential Office on the Ketagalan Boulevard by adopting the theme of summer fruits. To expand the export of Taiwanese fruits to Japan, on top of 15 on-site stands demonstrating Japanese summer fruits, produce items currently being supplied to Japan including pineapples, bananas, wantan pomelos, papayas, dragon fruits, and grapes are presented as well, along with specialty agricultural products that have the potential for the Japanese market like guavas, tomatoes, wines, and coffees. A total of 20 exhibition (sales) stands are held. By experiencing each other’s fruits, Taiwan and Japan make another stride in mutual understanding and friendship.

Export of quality and safe Taiwanese fruits gaining momentum year over year
The COA explains that Taiwan locates right at the boundary of tropical and sub-tropical zones, and with great variation in altitudes and superior cultivation techniques, the island manages to grow more than 30 types of fruits including mangos, bananas, pineapples, litchis, citruses, and grapes. The fruits as a category have a yearly harvest of around 2.62 million metric tons, valuing NTD 95.8 billion, the highest among all agri-food categories. The COA further points out that Taiwanese fruits are not only abundant in types and varieties but are produced under careful quality management, from the field to post-harvest processing and cold-chain transportation. To build a robust export supply chain, farmers’ groups are encouraged to enter into contracts with exporters while registering themselves as export orchards and obtaining TAP (Traceable Agricultural Product) certification. In recent years, TAP-certified items including bananas, mangos, pineapples, and wanton pomelos were supplied to the schools in Kasma City, Japan and received rave reviews. The fruit export to Japan has grown from 4,706 metric tons in 2019 to 21,996 metric tons in 2021, an astounding 367% increase. As of July 31, 2022, a total of 19,253 metric tons of fruits had been exported to Japan this year, accounting for 63% of Taiwan’s overall fruit export, which stood at 30,685 metric tons. Japan is thus the number one export destination of Taiwanese fruits and will remain vital to Taiwan’s fruit export endeavor.

Summer is a great time to stack up on fresh Taiwanese fruits
The COA indicates that to pack as much content into this event, fruit-growing communities and international e-commerce operators are invited to present quality fruits exported to Japan and handmade drinks, alcohols made of these fruits as well as coffee and tea products. Locals and Japanese are welcome to seize this opportunity, to enjoy not only those great treats but also live music performances by artists from both countries. Sincerely invite you to this sweet summer fruit event, where you get to experience 35 stands of Taiwanese/Japanese fruits that you can find nowhere else, carnival games, and seven entertainers from Taiwan and Japan. Come and show your support for both countries’ quality fruits.

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Taiwan-Japan Summer Fruit Festival

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