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2022 Taiwan Camellia Oil Festival “Local Oil, Local Touch”unveils!

Release date:2022-09-16
To promote Taiwanese camellia oil products, Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan (AFA) holds the 13-day “Taiwan Camellia Oil Festival” between September 16 and 28 with the theme “Local Oil, Local Touch”. In the Dadaocheng area (Dihua Street business district) known for its humanitarian characteristics and historical status as a transpiration hub, visitors get to experience the exhibition with their touching, smelling, and visual senses. People will learn the main features of Taiwanese camellia oils and their rich history and culture. Six camellia oil experts including the farm owner Mr. Guang-ming Su are invited to conduct sensory evaluations and share the applications of camellia oils. Eleven traceability restaurants or creative restaurants are selected to bring event-limited dishes made with domestic camellia oil. Once consumers experience these oils at their finest, they will surely buy again in the future.

Bringing you the sensory experiences, tastes, and products of authentic Taiwanese camellia oils
The AFA indicates that by focusing on sensory experiences, the exhibition let visitors interact with local oil products to learn the knowledge about camellia oil and its applications in food and life. The event presents the history of Taiwan’s camellia oil industry while highlighting the effort camellia oil makers devoted to their work. Six camellia oil organizations and their representative will lecture at the event. They are Organization for Taiwan Camellia Oil Industry Development (Owner Guang-ming Su), Mai Shan Tea Seed Oil Manufactory Cooperation (Manger Chen-Yu Wu), Top Tea Oil Production (Vice-General Manager Jie-Ying Huang), Chikeshan Oil Workshop (General Manager Wei-Ching Chang), Hearty Farm Sheltered Workshop (Lecturer Ya-Ken Tsai) and Yiho Oil (Owner Shu-Yu Wu). They will introduce the diverse uses of camellia to audiences, including how to self-make camellia moisture sticks, how to cook hot cakes with camellia oils, and how to decorate with camellia flowers. This year's collaboration also extends to restaurants. 11 traceability restaurants or creative diners, namely Oriental Cuisine Guizhou, Natural Tea Manor, Guang Guang, Café Chat Leopard, Badauyao, Shi Kao Fang, Marshal Zen Garden, The Carp, Ton An Family, mom's soup, and Let's Have Noodles. They in combination developed 15 creative dishes made with domestic tea oils. Those dishes will demonstrate that from traditional Taiwanese cusines to exotic dishes, camellia oils can be universally applicable. Various contests and lucky draws of “camellia oil specialties” are also rolled out on the site. We welcome everyone to the exhibition and order quality Taiwanese camellia oil products.

The AFA lifted the camellia oil industry with its counseling effort
The AFA further points out that to develop Taiwan’s camellia oil industry, it started implementing the “Project for the Establishment of Added-value Chain for Oil Plant Industry” in 2015. The back-end users are encouraged to enter into contracts with farmers to purchase domestic camellia oil materials. This has created a new mode of operation for the industry. As a result, the cultivation of oil camellia rose from 1,104 hectares in 2013 to 1,515 hectares in 2021 (a growth of 37%). Aside from providing camellia cultivation guidance, establishing cultivation clusters, and issuing green environmental payments, orchards are encouraged to transfer to camellia or start new camellia cultivation. Food education events like sensory evaluations and culinary demonstrations using camellia oils are also carried out to encourage more to cook with camellia oil. Various counseling measures have been taken on camellia producers and processors for them to obtain TAP (Traceable Agricultural Product) Certification to provide consumers with products of better quality and safety attributes. Plan your visit now and show your recognition and support for Taiwan’s camellia oil industry.

Domestic camellia oils
Dishes made with camellia oils
Group photo
Opening ceremony
Director-General Dr. Jong-I Hu

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