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Categories and Items of Organic Agricultural Products and In-conversion Agricultural Products

Release date:2019-09-17
Legislative history
1. This table was promulgated by the Council of Agriculture on June 5, 2019 per Order Nung-Liang-Tzu-Tze 1081069460A.
Categories and Items of Organic Agricultural Products and In-conversion Agricultural Products
CategoryItemScope of Product (or description)
Cereals and PulsesBarley, wheat, oat, sorghum, sweet potato, soy bean, field corn, peanut, mung bean, Adzuki bean, buckwheat, millet, red quinoa, black soy bean, hyacinth bean, millet, sesame, pine nut, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, linseed, chickpea, rice bean, pinto bean, triticale, etc.
Brassica Vegetables excluding Leafy and Flowering VegetablesCabbage, Chinese cabbage, head lettuce, cos lettuce, butterhead lettuce, head mustard, etc.
Chinese mustard (bok choy, rape, pak choi, etc.), Chinese kale, Chinese celery, water spinach, spinach, lettuce, crown daisy, chard, green garlic, green onion, leek, bud chive, cabbage sprout, sweet potato leave, amaranth, leafy radish, chicory, common white basella, Taiwan velvet plant, Gynura, purslane, Chinese parsley, chayot leaf, rocket leaf, mountain celery, celery, vegetable fern, basil, perilla, pea shoot, etc.
Stem, Stalk, Root and Tuber VegetablesRadish, carrot, ginger, onion, potato, bamboo shoot, asparagus, water bamboo, taro, lappa, water chestnut, lotus root, Chinese yam, kohlrabi (sprout), big stem mustard (stem mustard), stem lettuce, cherry belle radish, beetroot, garlic bulb, etc.
Flowering VegetablesCauliflower, broccoli, daylily, etc.
Edible FungiShiitake, button mushroom, straw mushroom, winter mushroom, Jew’s ear (wood ear), king oyster mushroom, etc.
Fruiting VegetablesTomato, eggplant, bell pepper (including green pepper), chili, edible corn, okra (lady’s finger), etc.
Cucurbit VegetablesCucumber, bitter melon, loofah, Chinese wax gourd, pumpkin, chayote, bottle gourd, etc.
Legume VegetablesPea, young soybean, Hyacinth Bean, cowpea, Kentucky wonder pole beans, lima bean (duffin bean), kidney bean, etc.
Edible SproutsSeed sprouts that are produced by sprouting of plant seed in dark and used as edible vegetables, such as mung bean sprout and soy bean sprout. Seed sprouts that are produced in water throughout the growing period by sprouting of plant seeds and greening treatment, such as cabbage sprout, pea sprout and radish sprout.
Melon FruitsWater melon, melon, muskmelon, honeydew melon, etc.
Large BerriesBanana, papaya, pineapple, kiwi fruit, custard apple, avocado (Persea Americana), dragon fruit, passion fruit, abiu (caimito), fig, etc.
Small BerriesGrape, strawberry, star fruit, wax apple, guava, etc.
Stone FruitsMango, longan, lichee, loquat, waxberry, date, red jujube, etc.
Pome FruitsApple, pear, peach, plum, prune, cherry, jujube, persimmon, etc.
Citrus FruitsTangerine, lemon, pomelo, grape fruit, orange, lime, etc.
Tea Fresh tea leaves
CoffeeFresh coffee fruit
Sugar CanesEdible cane, sugarcane, etc.
Tree NutsCoconut, almond, pecan, chestnut, walnut, cashew nut, hazel nut, etc.
Seeds (Seedlings)Seed, seedling, ramet, etc.
Forage Crops Pangolagrass, napiergrass, forage corn, etc.
Self-produced Agricultural Processed Products Products produced by simple processing farmers’ self-produced organic agricultural ingredient in ways such as drying, sun dry, air dry, blanching, roasting, milling, grinding, shelling or simple cutting, with no additives added. Such as dried vegetable, dried mushroom, dried daylily, dried Jew’s ear (dried wood ear), and Chinese wax gourd cut.
OthersJewel orchid, houseleek, Asia mugwort, Acathopanax root, Formosan Fig Tree, bread fruit, Oldham Elaeagnus, pig thigh, Formosan beauty-berry, moringa tree, Goji berry, guava leaf, alfalfa, Indian mulberry, roselle, Brazilian fireweed, edible flower, jelly fig and others that cannot be categorized to the aforementioned items
Non-edible CropsAustralian Tea Tree and cotton, etc.
Livestock productsMeatsPork, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, and other meats
EggsChicken egg, duck egg, quail egg, and other eggs
Aquatic productsAlgae Spirulina (blue algae), green algae, brown algae and other algae products
Aquatic AnimalsTilapia, cobia, grouper, bass, milkfish, hard clam, freshwater clam, white shrimp, ayu
Processed productsProcessed Grain ProductsProcessed products produced from rice, wheat and food grain:
1. Flour, starch, coarse powder, dry raw strip, and flask, etc. made from rice, wheat, pulse or tuber; instant cereal products; or varieties of raw noodle, cooked noodle and short noodle made from fine powder of cereal. Such as wheat flour, soybean flour, barley flour, oatmeal, cornstarch, cornmeal, sweet potato starch, tapioca starch, wholemeal flour, potato flour, wheat seedling powder, rice noodle, short noodle, noodle, refined rice cereal powder, rice paste, rice porridge, and refined oat cereal powder.
2. Dehulled cereal, fine grinding, roasting and mixed products, such as dehulled pea, pea kernel, rye kernel, cornflake, corn crisp, barley flake, oatmeal flake, bread, confectionery, and potato chip.
Dried Vegetable and Fruit ProductsProcessed vegetable and fruit products by drying processing (such as freeze drying and vacuum drying) with associated equipment
Canned Food Processed agricultural products sealed in metal, glass, sterilized bag, plastics, multilayer structure airtight container or other containers conforming to aforementioned condition. These products are sterilized before or after sealing and can be preserved under room temperature for a long period of time. Such as canned corn kernel, vegetable and fruit puree, puree for baby or infant, vegetable bouillon cube, vegetable chowder, broth and stock.
Chilled or Frozen Food1. Chilled food: agricultural processed products cooled rapidly and stored above freezing point and under 7℃. Such as cut and peeled aloe vera, peeled sugar cane, sliced winter gourd, diced Chinese yam, diced tomato, tofu, bamboo for cold dish.
2. Frozen food: agricultural processed products frozen rapidly and stored under -18℃. Such as frozen pea kernel, vegetable dumpling, and hash brown.
Pickled FoodFruit and vegetable are used according to variety of finished products. Salt, organic acid or (and) sugar are employed to marinate, store or flavor directly, ferment, and ripen food, such as raisin, dried berry, dried apricot, dried apricot, fruit jam, dried tomato, dried raspberry, pickles, fermented soybean curd, soy sauce pickles, and vinegar pickles.
Plant Powdery Processed ProductsGround and smashed agricultural products, excluding cereals. Such as cocoa powder, peanut powder, cactus powder, coconut powder, and Indian mulberry powder.

Semi-made tea, made tea, tea bag, tea powder, etc.
CoffeeCoffee green bean (peeled, dried), coffee bean (baked), coffee powder (ground), etc.
Natural Plant TeaTea or tea bag made from edible flower, fruit, herbal, fennel, cinnamon and other natural plants, etc.
Sugar and Its Derived Products1. Granulated sugar and other sugar products produced from sugar cane, beetroot, starch, other ingredients or raw sugar. Granulated sugar, sucrose, white sugar crystal, brown sugar crystal, brown sugar, molasses, beetroot molasses, maple syrup, etc.
2. Varieties of eastern and western candies, as well as chocolate produced from sucrose, fructose, maltose, cereal, dried fruit, spice, and edible pigment.
Herbs and Spice Plants and Their Derived Flavorings1. Herb and spice plant and their parts after drying and grinding, such as rosemary, parsley, thyme leaf, basil leaf, oregano leaf, bay, vanilla, spice, curry powder, granulated pepper, black and white pepper, coriander seed powder, garlic powder and cinnamon powder.
2. Or, formulated flavorings containing herbs or spice plants as ingredients, such as table salt, table sauce product, vegetable salad (dressing) and flavored vinegar.
Refined or Dried PlantsRefined treatment (water treatment, fire treatment, water and fire treatment or other treatment) or dried plant products, such as ginseng fibrous root, aniseed, lilac, Chuanchiong, root of herbaceous peony, Bai chu, Poriacocos, cinnamon, Chinese caterpillar fungus, tuber of multiflower knotweed, Goji berry, Eucommia Bark, Cassia Seed, red jujube, Corydalis Tuber, plantain seed, psyllium, Radix Rehmanniae Preparata, Alisma Orientalis, root of Pilose Asiabell, curcuma, astragalus, root of Chinese angelica, and lotus seed
DrinkSoy bean drink (milk), vegetable and fruit juice, mix juice for baby and infant, wine, tea, non-alcohol drink, fruit vinegar, etc.
OilPlant oil, like olive oil, peanut oil, salad oil, sunflower oil, grape seed oil and cocoa butter.
Fermented FoodProducts are produced through fermentation of microorganism, such as miso, soy sauce, fermentation liquid, and edible vinegar.
Dairy ProductsFresh milk, milk powder, yogurt, butter, cheese, and other dairy products
Meat ProductsSausage, cured meat, bacon, ham, fried pork fiber, dried pork fiber, dried sliced meat and other meat products
Egg ProductsShell egg product, liquid egg, egg powder, and other egg products
Alga ProductsAlga powder, alga tablet, and other alga products
Processed Products of Aquatic AnimalThe primary raw materials of aquatic processed products from tilapia, cobia, grouper, bass, milkfish, hard clam, freshwater clam, white shrimp and ayu
OthersProcessed products that cannot be categorized into the aforementioned items

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