Important Policies and Measures

Conducting Agricultural Surveys

There are currently six items in an agricultural survey: cultivated area, production, production forecast, cost, price, and disaster & relief status. The cultivated area and production investigation of rice and more than 250 crops are carried out by on-site investigators appointed by local township offices periodically, from the winter crop, 1st crop, to 2nd crop. Regarding the production forecast, monthly and seasonal reports about over 50 kinds of crops are compiled by competent local authorities, starting from the township office. They are also given the duties of gathering damage situations after disasters and getting the grip on the cost structure, revenue, as well as the updated origin prices.
Otherwise, the township office has been instructed to hire specialists who use mobile devices to investigate the size of cultivations to enhance the overall accuracy since 2010. They would perform thorough investigation parcel by parcel based on land registry data with the assistance of cloud computing and GIS (Geographical Information System) overlay analysis, leading to even better precision.

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