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Release date:2022-09-23
Rural Fine Wines and their Warmth and Roundness

Pour a glass of fine wine and enjoy familiar local flavors mixed with a rich aroma. In 2003, the government opened the right to wine-making to non- governmental wineries. The AFA proactively promotes the transformation of the agricultural industry by encouraging the country's wineries to utilize domestically produced agricultural products and raw materials to make the rural wine. Meanwhile, the AFA mentors rural wineries in Taiwan to amplify their local cultural features, natural surroundings, rural landscape and architecture styles.
The establishment of the country's winery successfully attracts the farmers' organizations located in the production regions of unique raw materials to join in. Currently, there are 11 certified rural wineries, with the annual production reaching 190,000 liters and an output value of NTD190 million. Simultaneously, those quality rural wines have frequently been awarded in large international wine competitions. Such impressive accomplishments have established an exquisite brand image for ''The Wine From Taiwan'' an exquisite brand image on the wine market.

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  • Refresh Date:2022-09-23