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“2022 Taipei Wine and Spirits Festival” features splendid wines from Taiwanese rural villages

Release date:2022-11-17
“2022 Taipei Wine and Spirits Festival” sees its grand opening at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center (TaiNEX). In the event taking place from November 18 to 21,Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture (AFA) holds the “Rural Wineries”section at Area I, Hall 1, with nine farmers’ organizations exhibiting their craft wines made using 100% local ingredients. The organizer welcomes everyone to Hall 1 of TaiNEX to taste the most authentic wines from Taiwanese rural wineries and experience their internationally-acclaimed wines.

Indulge in exquisite tastes of local craft wines
The AFA indicates that nine wineries exhibit at this festival are Canju Winery (Yilan County), DAHU Wine Resort (Miaoli County), Wu-Feng Farmers’ Association Distillery (Taichung City), Daan Farmers’ Association Winery (Taichung City), Shu-Sheng Leisure Domaine (Taichung City), Castle Wine & Vineyard (Taichung City), Puli Farmers’ Association (Nantou County), Sinyi Township Farmers’ Association Winery (Nantou County), and Yushan Winery (Nantou County). Four of them even brought their latest wine creations, including “Kumquat Liquor” and “Mulberry Wine” made of Yilan kumquat and freshly harvested mulberries by Canju Winery, “Strawberry Sparkling Wine” made of local strawberries by DAHU Wine Resort, “Sochu 46” made of select Yihchuan aromatic rice by Wu-Feng Farmers’ Association Distillery, and “Ma La Sun Sugar Apple Wine” made of  quality “Tainan No. 11” rice, aboriginal millet, and Taitung atemoya by Sinyi Farmers’ Association Winery. The AFA further indicates that using Taiwan’s rich and diverse agricultural products, the wine makers seal the best flavors into their wine creations, which are the perfect embodiment of cultural and ecological traits of the region and well worth your taste. 

Another year of triumphs in international competitions for Taiwanese wines
The AFA indicates that a total of 11 rural wineries have passed the evaluation under its guidance, and each of them uses exclusively locally grown agricultural ingredients to make the wines of genuine local flavors. In the recent years, their craft wines have consistently won high-profile competitions. This event features many of the winners of compeitions in the UK, the US, France, Germany, and Belgium. Among them are Double Gold winner in 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition “Sobu Sochu”, Silver Award winner in the same competition “Sobu Junmai ginjo-shu”, both by Wu-Feng Farmers’ Association Distillery, as well as “Mildness” and  “Crazy” by Sinyi Township Farmers’ Association. In addition, winners of Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition including Gold Award winner “Taro Shochu” and Silver Award Winner “Sweet Potato Sochu” by Daan Farmers’ Association, Silver Award winner “Plum Reserve” by Canju Winery, “Taro Sochu” by Miaoli Gongguan Township Farmers Association Winery, “Litchi Honey Wine” by Wu-Feng Farmers’ Association Distillery, and “Passion Fruit Mild Wine” by Puli Farmers’ Association make their way to the festival. All of these wineries have continued to innovate and refine their creation with familiar ingredients. Every wine
item is unique in taste and worth collecting. Be sure to bring one for your next holiday visit to friends and family.
On its final note, the AFA would like to remind all that wine tasting tutorials,bartending performances, and quadruple giveaways are only part of the exciting events to be held on-site. Gifts are available to those who clear all stages, press likes or check in on Facebook, or buy certain quantities. Being full of events, whether you are a local wine lover or just drink now and then, all are welcome to visit and find the wine you love!

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