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The Cream of the Crop: Taiwan's Finest Rice Takes the Spotlight at the Gourmet Rice Awards

Release date:2023-08-25
  The Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA),on August 25, 2023,proudly unveils the 10 champions of this year's Gourmet Rice Awards, a celebration of Taiwan's rice that promises quality and taste. Among the luminaries are Gold Award recipients such as the "Fragrant Diamond Rice" from Chin-Shang To-Li Rice, Rice House Smart Agri 's "CAS Fu Rice," Fu Sheng Agricultural Economic's "Lohas Rice-Chihshang Competition-winning, TAP-certified Rice," and the "Heavenly Chi-shang Rice" by Chi-shang Farmers' Association in the Quality Taiwan Rice Category. Additionally, Rice House Smart Agri's "Organic Aromatic Rice" shines in the Taiwan Organic Rice Category. Whether prepared as plain rice, fried rice, hand-kneaded rice balls, or in other delectable rice dishes, these award-winning grains promise a delightful experience, offering a wonderful balance of fluffy texture and delicate taste in every mouthful. Explore the AFA’s official website for a map of outlets offering this year's winning rice for you to indulge in with your loved ones!

Revamped Packaging: A Fresh Look to Conquer the Market!
  The Gourmet Rice Award has been a prestigious event since 2016, emerging as a benchmark competition in the domestic rice industry. It serves as a platform for commercially available packaged rice to flaunt its quality, propelling Taiwan's rice from merely “filling” to the echelons of “refined,” and further into the esteemed realm of recognized rice brands synonymous with “high-quality.” With 70 contenders this year, divided into the categories of Taiwan Quality Rice and Taiwan Organic Rice, the competition continues to emphasize brand image, accessibility, appearance quality, and taste. In the face of westernized dietary habits and fierce competition, the Gourmet Rice Award serves as a catalyst for the domestic rice industry's evolution. It not only motivates the industry to enhance process control, expand distribution channels, and elevate product quality and safety but also encourages the optimization of brand management capabilities. Through fresh packaging and distinctive brand identity, Taiwan's premium rice stands out, showcasing its unique origin and varieties. The award stands as a beacon, guiding the rice industry toward innovation and heightened market competitiveness, delivering both visual and gustatory delight to consumers.
  The 2023 Gourmet Rice Award honors 5 Gold and 5 Silver Award winners, selected from the 70 entries. All entries passed rigorous pesticide residue testing and variety purity testing, boasting certifications such as TAP, CAS (rice category), or organic. Complying with the Food Administration Act, these rice products ensure food safety from source to table. Gold Award winners captivate judges with their smoothness, harmonious blend of chewiness and stickiness, and an unparalleled taste. Meanwhile, the Silver Award winners also shine with their distinctive characteristics. All winners uphold stringent quality control measures from sourcing to packaging, cementing the trust of consumers. Freshness, tastiness, and safety converge in these outstanding choices.

Taiwan Gourmet Rice: A Symphony of Flavors and Quality Selection
  Every entry in the 'Gourmet Rice Award' underwent a meticulous process, with samples discreetly acquired by secret shoppers. Following the procurement, the samples were openly unpacked, placed in new packaging, and assigned random numbers. Subsequently, 10 experts and scholars undertook a blind evaluation, identifying the top ten rice products in the country. These winners, characterized by their round, full, and crystal-clear grains, offer supreme texture and taste —perfect for plain, steamed rice to relish the purest aroma and texture. Beyond that, they transform into a myriad of rice dishes, from rice balls to fried rice, sushi, and risotto. Emphasizing their nutritional prowess, rice serves as a whole food, rich in high-quality proteins, vitamins B2 and B6, as well as minerals like calcium, iron, and zinc. Eager to savor the finest rice of 2023? Visit the official AFA website( details on acquiring the esteemed winners of the Gourmet Rice Award 2023.

Speech by Jong-I Hu, AFA Director General
Group Photo of Jong-I Hu, AFA Director General, with Gold Award winners

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Speech by Jong-I Hu, AFA Director General Speech by Jong-I Hu, AFA Director General(jpg)
Group Photo of Jong-I Hu, AFA Director General, with Gold Award winners Group Photo of Jong-I Hu, AFA Director General, with Gold Award winners(jpg)
Attachment - List of 2023 Gourmet Rice Award Winners and Recommended Quality Rice Products Attachment - List of 2023 Gourmet Rice Award Winners and Recommended Quality Rice Products(pdf)

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