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Taiwan's Golden Pineapples Shine at 7-Eleven!

Release date:2024-04-02
Get ready for a taste of sunshine! Taiwan's sun-kissed pineapples are taking center stage at 7-Eleven stores across the island. The Agriculture and Food Agency (AFA) is proud to support the Strategic Alliance of the Pineapple Industry in launching a campaign that brings domestically produced, high-quality pineapples and a variety of delectable pineapple products directly to you. The campaign kicked off with a press conference on April 2nd, encouraging pineapple lovers to indulge in fresh-cut pineapples and freshly blended pineapple juice at their local convenience stores.

A Cross-Industry Alliance Ensures Quality and Safety
Taiwan's prized pineapples, renowned for their plump juiciness and aromatic sweet-and-sour flavor,are at their peak in April. The AFA has championed a "National Team for Pineapples"—the Strategic Alliance of the Pineapple Industry. This alliance brings together farmers' groups, agricultural production and marketing organizations, agribusinesses, distributors, and other stakeholders with the aim of creating profits and stabilizing the supply and marketing of pineapples. Members are organized into five teams based on their strengths: Production Control, Processor Matchmaking,Domestic Sales, Exports, and Leisure and Culture. This structure fosters collaboration and success across the value chain to propel Taiwan’s pineapple industry forward.

The star of the show is the ever-popular Tainung No. 17, also known as the Golden Diamond Pineapple. Prized for its juicy flesh and perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity, it has been a favorite among exporters. The Alliance connects pineapple farmers with processors certified by the highest food safety standards, such as ISO22000 and HACCP, ensuring that Taiwanese consumers can enjoy the freshest and safest cut pineapples available. These premium pineapples are distributed across key channels in Taiwan, facilitated by the Domestic Sales Team.

A Pineapple Paradise at Your Convenience
The press conference showcased a delectable array of pineapple products developed by the Alliance. Consumers can look forward to finding fresh whole pineapples, attractive gift boxes, convenient cups of cut pineapple, and peeled pineapple fruit at participating 7-Eleven stores. Selected locations will also offer freshly blended pineapple juice for a truly tropical treat. 

Recognizing the growing trend of online shopping, the campaign offers special discounts on a wider selection of pineapple products through the 7-Eleven OPENPOINT App. This includes fresh fruit gift boxes, dried fruit, as well as pineapple juice and jam. The campaign is projected to utilize over 1,000 metric tons of domestically produced pineapples, providing a significant boost to Taiwan's
hardworking pineapple farmers. It also offers consumers a convenient way to support local farmers and savor the taste of Taiwan's sunshine.
Fresh cut pineapples
New arrivals on the shelf: Discover the diversity of Taiwan- grown pineapple products.
Group photo
Mei-lin Fan, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture,

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Fresh cut pineapples Fresh cut pineapples(jpg)
New arrivals on the shelf: Discover the diversity of Taiwan- grown pineapple products. New arrivals on the shelf: Discover the diversity of Taiwan- grown pineapple products.(jpg)
Group photo Group photo(jpg)
Mei-lin Fan, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mei-lin Fan, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture,(jpg)

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