Food Warehousing and Transportation Division

  1. Current per hectare procurement quantity: the 1st crop, planned procurement is 2,000 kgs, guidance procurement is 1,200kgs, and surplus procurement is 3,000kgs; the 2nd crop, planned procurement is 1,500 kgs, guidance procurement is 800kgs, and surplus procurement is 2,400kgs.  Current public rice procurement price: For japonica rice (1)planned procurement is NT$26/kg, (2)guidance procurement is NT$23/kg, (3)surplus procurement is NT21.6/kg; for indica rice, procurement price is NT$1/kg less then japonica rice. 
  2. As long as the rice procurement quantity or price is adjusted higher, will surely surge the AMS. On the contrary, the WTO Doha Development Round trade negotiation on agriculture has proposed a big cut down schedule under talking.  And on the domestic side, rice still need reduction.  Raising procurement quantity or price will induce production increment, which imbalance the rice demand and supply as well as surge real government procurement quantity, that is a big burden on warehousing and hard to deal with, and also unfavorable to rice industry structure adjustment. 
  3. But in order to protect the income of rice farmers, the government had already gathered data on rice policy from the European Union, U. S.A., Japan, and South Korea, and keeping a close eye on the development of the WTO Doha Round Trade Negotiation on Agriculture, planning to draw up a proper measure in order to protect the rights and interest and income for rice farmers and to comply with the agreed standard of WTO.

In order to have grain sources in hand, stabilize the food price, and to protect farmer’s profit, the government had implemented the policy of guaranteed price procurement of rough rice since 1974, producing great effect on taking care of farmers’ living, which received good comments from the farmers.