“Government steps up, farmers ease up”- Call for citizens to purchase domestic pineapples in support of Taiwan’s agriculture

Release date:2021-02-28
Today (Feb. 28) President Tsai Ing-wen visits the Dahsu District (Kaohsiung City) Agricultural Production and Marketing Group (APMG) No. 2 of Fruit Trees in the company of COA (Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan) Minister Chen Chi-chung and Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chi-mai, observing the field cultivated by the group leader Yang Yi-tzu and his distribution court. President Tsai says that Taiwan has around 8,000 hectares of pineapple cultivation, which yields 41.5 MT of harvest each year, valuing NTD 8.8 billion. The main cultivar Tainung No. 17 (also known as Golden Diamond Pineapple) has many superior attributes like delicate fibers, edible cores, and a moderate acid-sugar ratio and is loved by consumers domestic and abroad. Ranked the first among all Taiwanese fruits in terms of volume, in the previous three years (2018-2020), pineapple export amounted to 43 thousand MT a year, of which 95% was shipped to Mainland China. But on February 25, the Mainland side notified that due to a quarantine issue, it would stop importing pineapples from Taiwan from March 1. On the same day, the COA promptly requested the Mainland authority to follow international protocols by resolving this issue through a bilateral technical conversation instead of imposing a trade ban, which was rejected by the Mainland side, and President Tsai found that decision regrettable and inconceivable.
Impressive results with export to non-Mainland destinations
The president also expresses her unwithering support for farmers on behalf of the government. She says that in recent years, the COA has guided exporters to divert to non-Mainland markets. From 2019 to 2020, fresh pineapples exported to Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong grew by 110%, 240%, and 691%, respectively. Pineapples exported to Japan exceeded 2160 MT last year, breaking the historical record and poised to make a new high this year. With Taiwan satisfying the Australian quarantine requirement, Australia has agreed to allow the import of decrowned fresh pineapples from Taiwan, which would further mitigate the over-reliance on the Mainland market. To follow up, the government will step up on international marketing for agricultural products, like providing incentives for overseas marketing or sales bonuses. Marketing campaigns are also rolled out through distribution channels in target markets like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the US, and Australia. Through those enhancement measures, the yearly export of pineapples is expected to increase by 30,000 MT.
Public-private collaboration to put farmers at ease
Relevant measures include using the COA-established e-commerce platform “Farmers Buy” to offer prime pineapples to consumers; encouraging the military, prisons, and group caterers to increase their purchase or wholesales like PX Mart, Carrefour, and Funcom Supermarket to increase their pineapple procurement to supply to consumers; enterprises also engaged in group buying to give farmers genuine support. In addition, to diversify the use of pineapples and increase processing capacity among processing operators and beverage brands, the COA exerted efforts to promote pineapple-based handmade drinks, dried pineapples, and pineapple stuffing. Those initiatives offer consumers more options and gain incomes for farmers, aiming to increase the consumption by 20,000 MT. The president urges that with the pineapple harvest season about to begin, there will be an abundant selection of quality pineapples, which are full of dietary fibers, pineapple enzymes, and numerous nutritional values; citizens taking advantage of this period by consuming more domestic pineapples not only get to enjoy the fruit’s incredible flavor and health benefits but also show their support for Taiwanese farmers.
出處:Agriculture and Food Agency, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C(TAIWAN)